5 Reasons Why Labradoodles can be Hard to Train

5 Reasons Why Labradoodles can be Hard to Train

Early and consistent training is the key for your Labradoodle puppy to ensure they are working for you instead of against you. Teaching the desired behaviors early is much easier than trying to undo engrained habits in a driven and sometimes stubborn breed. Taking into account all of the traits that make a Labradoodle difficult to train they can also be the very same traits that make your puppy a loyal and happy member of your family.

All the Energy!

Labradoodles have an abundance of energy and can be difficult to manage without a proper outlet and puppy training. We see this energy exhibited in jumping on people and furniture, pulling, lunging on leash, barking at their surroundings and being highly distracted. This energy stems from the working breed cross of Labrador Retriever and Poodle who are historically bred to retrieve game fowl. Each of these breeds, individually, require both energy and stamina to perform their job. Be prepared to spend between 1-2 hours daily to drain physical and mental energy from your Labradoodle puppy. This includes long structured walks, retrieving, playing hide and seek, swimming and proper socialization. 


Please Don’t Leave

With an abundance of energy and an extreme love of people the Labradoodle can become tightly invested in its family. This might create a problem called separation anxiety where your pup is not able to happily be left alone. Separation anxiety is specific to each puppy, but the most common expressions are excessive vocalization, pacing, drooling, shaking, potty training accidents, and destruction to property which can lead to injuries. It’s imperative to teach your puppy to find peace when left alone starting at a young age. Giving your pup a safe space with access to mentally stimulating activities while you are away, draining their energy properly, and practicing alone time, often, for short periods of time, can greatly reduce the likelihood of your labradoodle puppy having separation anxiety. 

I’m Bored.

Remembering that Labradoodles are a mix of working breeds we recognize they are highly intelligent and learn new tricks and tasks very quickly. It can be quite a job to keep them excited about the same routine day in and day out. Your pup will need a variety of engaging activities and games to keep them mentally stimulated or they will create their own at the owners expense. When we give Labradoodles the opportunity to make their own choices, we come home to chewed furniture, emptied trash cans, destuffed toys, items missing from the kitchen counter, all of which can lead to very expensive vet visits. There are an assortment of doggy puzzles, mats, chew toys, and treat dispensers to be purchased that can be traded out weekly to keep your pup engaged and happy. Save the favorite toys for use when you are leaving your puppy home alone so they have something to look forward to when you walk out the door.

I Can’t Hear You over all that Noise

It’s normal for dogs to bark with excitement, nervousness, and fear as it’s the strongest communication tool a dog has with a human. We all look around when a dog starts barking to see what they see. We believe them when they talk to us. Labradoodles are great “communicators” but can also be overly reactive to their environment, leaving us to wonder, will they ever stop? They will be the first to let you know when the mailman arrives, your food has been delivered, or that pesky squirrel is back in the yard. This working breed cross is highly excitable because of their retrieving background and if not directed consistently to another task, Labradoodles will make it their full-time job to alert the neighborhood to all they see. The best way to minimize the nuisance barking is to stay with your puppy in the yard and address any barking right away. Redirect your puppy away from the object of its interest and praise when they leave it behind. This redirection can be used at the door, in the car, at the park, or anytime you know your puppy likes to vocalize.

I Want it My Way 

It’s understood that Labradoodles have energy, want to be close to their humans, can become bored easily, and let us know all this with their barking. Lastly, we touch upon their independent and stubborn nature. Their first choice is to do what makes them happy in any moment without thinking how this affects anyone else in the house. This can be a struggle when your pup has grabbed the Thanksgiving turkey off the counter, is chasing the squirrel down the road, or destuffing a brand-new toy. These are instinctual behaviors tied to their drive to thrive. There is an independent spirit when it comes to the Labradoodle which needs to be harnessed and redirected when your puppy is young. Instead of allowing your pup to chase the squirrel you will need to teach a game of fetch to fill that desire. When cooking an amazing dinner teach your pup to stay out of the kitchen and give them engaging activities in another room.