Trained Sheepadoodle Puppies Available

At Recherche Kennels, our mission extends beyond breeding; it’s about enriching families with the joy and companionship of a Sheepadoodle puppy.

We love Sheepadoodles because they are smart, friendly, and great for people with allergies, thanks to their special fur. We work with the best breeders around the world to make sure your new puppy is healthy, happy, and ready to join your home. We promise to give you a pet that feels like part of your family from the moment you meet.

Below are our currently available Sheepadoodle puppies. This list is updated regularly as puppies are reserved.

Click on the puppy or litter to watch a video and see their prices.

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Ready to Find Your New Best Friend?

Your search for the perfect Sheepadoodle puppy starts at Recherche Kennels. We can’t wait to meet you. If you have questions about when the next puppies are coming, what Sheepadoodles are like, or how we train our puppies, we’re here to help.

Don’t wait to get your questions answered or to pick your new dog. Contact us now to start the journey to bringing your new friend home.

Our Puppies Learn All the Important Stuff

We believe every puppy deserves to learn how to be a great pet. That’s why we train all our puppies at our Puppy Training Institute. They learn commands, but they also learn how to be calm and friendly pets that fit right into your family. Our Sheepadoodles are more than just pets; they show how much we care about giving you a wonderful new family member.