For Sale! Ms. Purple – Cuddly & Stunning Girl from Esther & Wesley

For Sale!

Ms. Purple (name can change) with training in The Puppy Training Institute

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We are very excited to introduce Ms. Purple… born between Esther & Wesley February 19, 2021.

This is an incredible Cavachon combination. Both parents are imported from Europe with generations of health clearances and show champions. No other breeder of Cavachons in the world comes close to these pedigreed lines. Both parents have all of their individual health clearances as well. Wesley is a beautiful and small Cavalier (15 lbs) imported from Ireland. He is a stunning blenheim boy that’s very dependent and handsome. Esther is an incredibly intelligent and confident bichon. She is sweet, smart and well behaved. She’s not “yappy” or annoying like many poodles. She was imported from Romania and is 10 lbs.

Ms. Purple (name can change) has a loving and playful personality. She is dependent, slightly outgoing and confident. Ms. Purple absolutely loves to be with you and loves her cuddle time. She’s the first to come and last to leave. She is not a pup that is overly needy or clingy. She is slightly outgoing and loves to play but is definitely not hyper or high energy. She is slightly confident and is not shy or timid and can handle new things that come up in her world. Size wise, she is the biggest pup in the litter and our best guess is she will be 15-20 lbs full grown with a lovely coat. She comes with a very realistic 4-year health warranty.

She is able to go home after:

  1. Puppy Academy(training till 12 weeks of age)- May 14, 2021
  2. Canine College (training till 16 weeks of age)- June 11, 2021 OR
  3. Master’s Program (training till 20 weeks of age)- July 9, 2021 OR
  4. Doggy Doctorate (training till 6 months of age)- August 19, 2021

Please visit our Puppy Training Institute page to learn and watch about every training level we offer in detail. We work on 4 core areas in our training….House Training (potty training, chew training, jump training, etc…), Outside Training (leash training, car training, thunderstorm training), Socialization Training (stranger trained, child trained, dog/cat trained, etc…) & Obedience Training (sit, stay, lay, come, place, etc…). It is a very extensive program that requires a staff of professional trainers and first-class facilities. To watch and learn what makes us unique please watch HERE.

The Parents

Both parents have near PERFECT health clearances and each pup comes with a very good and realistic 4-year health warranty.

Puppy Pricing 

Our puppies receive full training in our Training programs

Every puppy from Recherche Doodles receives between 250 and 850 hours of professional puppy training through our Puppy Training Institute.

Puppy Academy


Go-Home Date:
May 14, 2021

Canine College


Go-Home Date:
June 11, 2021

Master's Program


Go-Home Date:
July 9, 2021

Doggy Doctorate


Go-Home Date:
August 19, 2021

If interested read through this entire page (including prices) and fill out Puppy Application

All Pictures Below Are From Ms. Pink

Recent Photos

2 Week Old Photos

Newborn Photos

If interested read through this entire page (including prices) and fill out Puppy Application

All pictures below are from our Esther & Wesley


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