Our Girl- Pheobe

Registered Name:
Isadora De Larus

Date of Birth:
January 13, 2017

AKC #:

Health Information

Hips: BVA 3:5 (Excellent/Good)

Patella: OFA Normal (BCF-PA2227/12F/P-VPI)

Legg-calve-perthes: OFA Normal (BCF-LP728/12F-VPI)

Eyes: CERF/OFA Cleared (BCF-EYE851/13F-VPI)

Heart: OFA Normal (BCF-CA853/12F/P-VPI)

Country of Origin: Romania

Weight: 10 lbs

Height: 9.5 inches

About Phoebe

Phoebe is one of the best Bichon Frise’s we have ever seen in the US. She was imported  in from an incredible breeder Romania. She comes from generations of show champion and health cleared Bichon Frise. 

Phoebe’s personality is all love. She is so sweet and affectionate. She has never met a stranger. She’s calm, laid back and very mature. She is maybe our quietest Bichon Frise we have ever seen. She’s so beautiful and is absolutely stunning. 

She has incredible health clearances and is tested for almost twice as many tests as recommended by the Bichon Club of America.

Phoebe’s Pedigree 

Pictures of Phoebe

  • Phoebe_Jan19_5802
  • Phoebe_Jan19_5806
  • Phoebe_Jan19_5807
  • Phoebe_Jan19_5810
  • Phoebe_Jan19_5819
  • Phoebe_Jan19_5821
  • Phoebe_Jan19_5825
  • Phoebe_Jan19_5831
  • Phoebe_Jan19_5836
  • Phoebe_Jan19_5837
  • Phoebe_Jan19_5840
  • Phoebe_Jan19_5824
  • Phoebe_Jan19_5841
  • Phoebe_Jan19_5849
  • Phoebe_Jan19_5851

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